What our students say about us


We always appreciate your feedback.  We would like to thank all of you who sent us your comments! We are proud to share these with you.


"I just participated in Martha and Pracha's two Tango bootcamps and truly loved every minute of it!"

"I had a great time at the bootcamp.  Thank you to you and Martha for offering such a comprehensive and fun lesson."

"It's a real privilege to have you both as teachers, it comes out so naturally for you guys that it's visually impressive. I will definitively try to continue."

"Thank you so much for a really fun and challenging boot camp yesterday! ...I am for sure falling in love with tango! "

"We enjoy your teaching style.  Do you have any other classes coming up?"

"Great seeing you guys and watching your wonderful dancing. It was truly romantic! And for us beginners the workshop was real fun and detailed learning."

"Thank you - immensely - for the tango bootcamp. Without my going into all the details about why I liked it [since I liked everything about it], I just want to say  I loved [and was relieved] that you created such a "learner/teacher - friendly" space. I felt like I was actually dancing tango. Definitely I'll be checking out more of your  classes  and workshops. I highly recommend you do the "tango bootcamp" again...and I'll let friends know what a great experience it was. Thank you again! "

"Watching experienced tango dancers is almost transcendent. You'll definitely see me at classes/workshops."


We look forward to hearing from you. If you have comments or feedback, please email us at hsphtango@gmail.com.